Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jossy The Cow

Jocelyn's Christmas program was tonight. Her role was that of a cow that kept the baby Jesus warm at the manger. Lucky for me, Jocelyn is not one of those pain in the arse method actors like Val Kilmer or Russell Crowe, so I didn't have to take her to a barn every night so she could study and become a cow in her head. All I had to do was buy a cow costume at Spirit Halloween store the day after Halloween for 50% off. Not so lucky for me was that Jocelyn has grown at least two inches since Halloween so the costume was kind of snug on her. She still looked adorable though.

The best part of any Pre-K Christmas program is the singing...or the post-toddler caterwaul that passes for singing. You have your wallflowers that barely move their lips, mortified to be on stage...then there are the kids that really sink their teeth into every word and perform with all the vim and vigor they can muster. These kids lean hard into every wish in 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'. Jossy falls somewhere in between. She smiled and waved to us from the stage and then went about her business of baby Jesus warming and carol singing. My girl is a pro.


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