Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Had A V8

Gas prices, as we all know, are going to the moon. Which makes my purchase of a 300+ HP V8 hunk of Detroit muscle a bit...confounding. Yes, the Black Mamba (as I affectionately nicknamed the car) will shut down 4 cylinders when it hits mythical 'cruising' speed, but that will only happen on the freeway...not on the stop and go heavy A Street that takes me to the Auburn Train station. While I appreciate the growl of the deep baritone exhaust note, I could do without watching money fly out the tailpipes every time I accelerate a bit too enthusiastically...which is easy to do because the Mamba just wants to run. Yes, from the outside the car does appear to be just another nondescript family cruiser, but the engine is all go all the time. And if something like Johnny Cash's 'Rusty Cage' is pumping out the Bose sound system, well...it is on. I'm going to have to learn how to moderate my need for commuter speed or the cost of ownership for the Mamba will go through the roof...at this rate, I could have bought a needy and temperamental German car, saved on gas and spent more on eventual repairs...

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