Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Computer Blue

A couple of, trying to post using my iPhone.  This is kind of awkward.  I'm not all that good at using the touch screen.  Two, I think my PC at home is dying a slow miserable death.  That means my photo back up project is going to have to pick some steam.  Why do I think the PC is dying?  Well, it is super slow to boot up, even after cleaning out temp files, scanning for viruses and malware, defragging the hard drive, and streamlining the apps to kick on during start up.  The computer is also randomly shutting down and tries to read the CD drives even when they are empty.  Lots of driver errors are popping up as well, mainly with the sound card...and because it is a Dell, said sound card is integrated.  I could take it in to the local guy at the bottom of my hill to provide a proper diagnosis...but that costs dollars I don't want to spend.  I also don't want to spend money on a desktop, especially a Windows based one...but criminey Apple notebooks and desk tops cost a fortune.  I'm thinking a laptop or a tablet...but has anyone out there in nine reader land successfully moved away from a desktop/laptop setup to tablet only?  Am I crazy to think a tablet can be used for productivity and not just consumption? Let me know if you have made that move...

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