Monday, January 13, 2014

Nu Shooz

I've been running in On shoes for about 9 months, and they are easily the best running shoes I have ever owned. The only problem is that around mile 50-55, they start wearing out. The 'cloud tec' that makes up the sole of each shoe begins to tear and cushioning is non-existent. So, I started to do a little more research on the shoes and found that the ideal maximum weight for On running shoes is about 180lbs. That ain't me, babe...and that means I have to find a new shoe to train in for the Tacoma 1/2 marathon.

I'm really bummed about the On shoes wearing out on me so quickly. Since I switched over to them from Asics I've been able to run longer and more comfortably. My achy knees aren't so achy and the shoes make being a forefoot striker that much easier. However, when they wear out I start feeling it in my shins and Achilles's, and an Achilles's injury is down at the bottom of my to do list. Research tells me that the Brooks Beast is the best shoe around for, um, larger runners, so I'm throwing down on a pair of those. While I don't appreciate that the shoe eludes to heavier runners being nothing more than filthy animals, I'll reserve final judgement until after my first run in them. If they are as comfortable and supportive as advertised then a filthy animal I'll be...

I still don't have any real cold weather or rain running gear. Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to run in the rain and wind in a fleece pull over my Under Armor t-shirt. Not wise as I was cold and miserable almost from the get go. I was surprised at how many folks were out running around the neighborhood, people holding strong to their resolutions two weeks in! You know what would be nice? If my first mile wasn't such a struggle. No matter how I warm up, my first mile is uncomfortable from a breathing and heart rate perspective. Back in my mountain biking days I would warm up pretty hard to establish a breathing pattern heading into a hard ride, but that doesn't seem to work for me running. Any tips on warm ups would be appreciated!

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