Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brock Lesnar Is Bad News For The UFC

The UFC has an image problem, and its name is Brock Lesnar. For the longest time I resisted becoming an MMA/UFC fan, but eventually gave in and sprung UFC 66 and then I was hooked. I found MMA to be much more interesting than boxing, learned to appreciate the ground game, and soon began following certain fighters (my favorite is Lyoto Machida, and I was ecstatic when he knocked Rashad Evans out). It was difficult to ignore the lunkhead factor when it came to a majority of UFC/MMA fans...and by lunkhead I mean a certain greased up d-bag segment of society. While it was nice to see Mandy Moore in the crowd shots at UFC events, even she couldn't negate the presence of several thousand liquored up wannabe goombahs and all-around idiots in the stand. But ignore them I did because their collective idiocy was relegated to the stands, not the ring. Then came Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar is a former collegiate and professional wrestler, and by professional wrestler I mean the WWE. He's freakishly athletic and quick and has been a quick study in the Octagon, but he has brought an element of the WWE to the UFC that is both unwanted and unneeded.

To call Lesnar a boorish dolt would be too kind, he's rude, knows nothing of sportsmanship, and has no respect for other fighters. While there may be bad blood between other fighters, that ill will never carries over after a fight. The same can't be said for Lesnar, who went after a still dazed Frank Mir after their match had ended.

UFC president Dana White needs to make it abundantly clear to Lesnar that his WWE stupidity has no place in MMA. If Lesnar wishes to play up his bad guy role, fine, he's free to do so...back in the WWE where he can act up to that functionally retarded fan base. The more Lesnar wins, the more compelled he will be to continue his routine, a routine that is an embarrassment to the UFC...and should Lesnar's antics go unchecked and he is rewarded with more lucrative fights, the more up and coming fighters will adopt his methods - and that will turn the UFC into nothing more than the WWE, but with actual strikes and submissions.

Here's hoping Dana White has put Lesnar on some kind of notice that his pro wrestling hack show will not be tolerated. I won't purchase any future UFC events with Lesnar on the card, and will turn my back on the sport if fighters begin to emulate Lesnar. It's bad enough being a fan of a sport where more than half the fans repulse me....but should that sport devolve into the ridiculous spectacle that is the WWE, well...count me out should that ever happen.

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  1. I'm no fan of UFC or MMA to begin with, but a dumbing down of the sport won't help any. I'm disgusted enough by all of the mindless posers wandering about in their Tapout gear, I can't take any more meat heads.

    That being said, I would be interested in watching Brock Lesnar fight Nicolay Valuev, the 7 foot tall, 300 pound boxer. Lesnar is younger and more athletic and would probably dominate him, but seeing two giants battling it out would be more entertaining than any Godzilla film to date.