Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flesh For Fantasy

The 8th Annual MexFL Fantasy Football draft was held this past Saturday, and for the 8th year in a row I despise the team I cobbled together through a brown haze of Maker's Mark.

My running back situation is outstanding, anchored by Michael Turner, Steven Jackson, and Pierre Thomas. I do get queasy thinking about Jackson though - the Rams are a disaster, and with Avery out with a foot injury he is the only weapon that team has....Meaning every team playing them will put 10 men in the box to stuff the run with a loan safety to swat down Marc Bulger's lame ducks. Thomas proved to be a playmaker over the second half of last season, and Turner is a stud, so I may start a combo of Turner/Thomas more often than not. Nothing like burning your 2nd pick just to use him to plug bye week roster holes!

Quarterback wise I am in decent hands. I'm looking for the Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck to bounce back this year...and that means hoping Hasselbeck's back holds up. His spine has more tricks than a Port of Tacoma pimp. I also picked up Donovan McNabb, who may or may not be pouting over the Michael Vick signing. McNabb is more insecure than a once chubby high school girl that lost all kinds of weight but still sees herself as fat. Perhaps I should send McNabb a couple of Hot Wheels and a box of Uncrustables and tell him that he is still appreciated.

My weakest link, again, is at Wide Receiver. I missed out on all the really big guns like Fitzerald, Andre Johnson, Boldin, and Moss. Steve Smith was available when I picked, so I nabbed him in hopes he wouldn't sucker punch teammates again and get suspended. Once again feeling the Hawks are going to be much better than last year, I drafted T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who is a lot like Larry Fitzerald...only not as fast, strong, quick, or dynamic and plays in a much different offense. I have no idea who my third receiver is...so, that should tell you something right there....I will be undone by my WR corps again. Oh, my third WR is Steve Breaston...who is currently undergoing an MRI on an injured knee.....

Draft day is always the best day of the fantasy season, mainly for the company but also for the goofy crap that takes place during the draft....like the Pescado brother picking Jason Witten in the 2nd round just so he could have a player on his team ranked #1 at something (not sure which publication he was using that placed Witten as the top TE...the Cowboys media guide?). Shelvis's pre-pick justifications are always entertaining, although I could have done without some of the Holocaust denial speechifying during the mid-draft break. Lutes is always steadfast and serious, which is why he has been a constant in post-season play. Not sure why EB decided to pick fights with everyone and everything, but maybe that is why his wife placed him on a 6 month drinking hiatus...

Anyhoo, I can't wait for the NFL season to start...and go Hawks!

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  1. every great fantasy football league has at least one dude that does not believe on thing he was taught in school, has no idea when to shut up and will probably die soon. Remember who writes the history books! Who stands to gain from the blatant exaggeration and misinformation! Follow the MONEY!
    Good luck. See you in the Nacho Bowl.