Monday, September 14, 2009

Cedar Cove

This weekend I discovered two things - one, my fantasy football team is a non-TD scoring disaster....and two, a series of books are set in my hometown of Port Orchard, WA.

I'll get to my FF team later...

So, yeah - I was kind of surprised to learn about the Cedar Cove series of books. I try and keep a pulse on the goings on over in Port Orchard, so this caught me unaware that a best selling series is loosely based out in South Kitsap country...until I saw that these are basically romance novels. I'm not putting down the romance novel, they just aren't my cup o' tea, especially since I am a coffee man...yes, Moving right along.

The author, Debbie Macomber, is a Port Orchard native, but I'm not sure if she still lives there. With over 100 million books in print (holy Jeebus, that's a lot of books!!!) I kind of doubt she's still hanging out in the PO, but you never know...

Anyhoo, I've often thought of writing short stories based out of Port Orchard, but I think they would fit into a different genre than Mrs. Macomber's...and I think I would chose different landmarks...although I used to work at Tweeten's Lighthouse restaurant, now Gino's, back in the day...and there are some stories I could tell coming out of that place...

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  1. Shelvis's mother says her friend is this author's housesitter and dogsitter. I just thought I'd share although I have no idea what anyone is talking about here.