Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Randomness And The Beatles!

Spent the last two days caring for a 14 month old with a wicked case of the flu and a three year old enduring the discomfort of 2 molars cutting through her gums. The flu-ridden child slept a lot, but would only sleep when being held. Three year old child has been hypersensitive and touchy, plus she will not eat because her teeth hurt. That makes her even more short, it's been a rough week for yours truly...and I picked the wrong week to stop ingesting caffeine by the bucket.

Lamar Odom, self-proclaimed candy addict, is marrying Khloe Kardishian, she's the Kardishian with a touch of gigantism. Frankly, if all the Kardashian's disappeared and were never heard from again, I'd be just fine with it. I mean, they are only famous because Kim Kardashian filmed herself getting pounded by some C-list black dude...and that is pretty much her only talent outside of having a gigantic ass. Kim dragged her less attractive and even more retarded family members into the spotlight created by her self-leaked sex tape...and then I blog about I much I hate her and her stupid family and how I wish they would all die in a tire fire. Anyhoo, Khloe and Lamar's baby will be hideous and the size of a wooly mammoth, but should provide the family with additional revenue stream from freak show appearances.

So, how many people have been thrown through the windshield of the Matt Forte and Steve Slayton fantasy football bandwagon this year?

If anyone out there is currently using Clearwire, hows 'bout dropping a line in the comments to tell me about your experience?

Here's another group of males I will never understand - any male that says they prefer Def Leppard's 'Hysteria' to 'Pyromania' - 'Hysteria' was made for female listeners, it's the audio equivalent of a Lifetime movie. 'Pyromania' is a classic early 80's hard rock album that I can still listen to without being an ironic hipster doofus about it.

I'm kind of wondering how The Beatles 'Rock Band' is selling...and kind of wondering how many units of the remastered albums have moved as well. I am one of the bigger Beatles fans around, but even I couldn't be bothered to pick up any copies of the remastered CDs...and I sure as hell won't drop $60.00 for a copy of 'Rock Band', let alone $250.00 for the full blown version of the game. While I'm certain the albums and games sold well, I have to kind of think that the overall state of the economy plus rythym based games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band falling in popularity have acted as a drag on sales. I could be wrong, but lots and lots of copies of both the games and CDs have been stacked at the local Toys R Us and Wal-Mart...could it be that the release of the game and CDs happened too late? The Beatles have tens of millions of fans, but do the remastered CDs, especially the mono versions, appeal only to hardcore fans, collectors and audiophiles? Personally, I loved what George Martin did with the 'Love' soundtrack...he took what was familiar and made it new...the remasters don't really do that, which is why I haven't picked any of them up....but I listen to 'Love' quite a bit because it is a different take on some classic songs...

On the other hand, the Jay-Z/Beatles 'grey album' is just plain stupid.

How long before the NFL bans hitting a quarterback when they are diving forward? It is already illegal to hit a QB once they begin to slide feet first, but two high-profile QBs in as many weeks are going to miss time with fractured ribs...ribs fractured when they were hit in the back while diving head first into the end zone. I am willing to wager a remastered Beatles CD that the competition committee at least visits the topic this off-season....

Have I mentioned lately how I loathe my job at times? Ugh.


  1. It's just a matter of a few years until the NFL bans hitting QB's all together and equips them with flags to be pulled in lieu of tackling. Shortly after that, looking a QB directly in the eye will result in a 5 yard penalty. Talking to one will be a 15 yard personal foul.

  2. Ray-J is the name of the brotha who got with Kim KardASShian... He is actually Brandy's (the R&B singer) little brother... I do have Clearwire, and for $24.95/month, it's pretty hard to complain. I do, however, have to put black tape over that last light b/c the blinking is getting quite annoying... And finally, here's ManJoe's coffee scam of the week: 1) Go to starbucks and load $5 on your sbux card... 2) everyday go back with ANY cup and ask for a "Drip Refill." 3) Use your Sbux card to pay and it doesn't charge your card... Not sure if you're aware of this but my Starbucks card has been sitting on $5 since Bush was still in office... Sure it's like stealing but hell, anytime I can stick it to Howard Schultz I'm gonna do it! - ManJoe