Monday, December 28, 2009

Sack Hasselbeck..And Mora Too!

It sadly has come to this: Matt Hasselbeck needs to go, either cut or traded. He needs new scenery, we need to thank him for the nice run that saw Seattle reach a Super Bowl and let him go. The Matt Hasselbeck era is over.

There are still Matt Hasselbeck believers out there that strongly feel all of Matt's troubles this season can be pinned on a sub-par offensive line. There is some truth to that as the O-Line has once again been riddled with injuries. However, the woes of the O-Line don't account for Hasselbeck's poor decision making, the lack of zip on his passes (every pass seems to float forever...I think Chad Pennington, the ultimate noodle armed QB, throws harder than Hasselbeck these days and he's coming off of shoulder surgery), and his inability to rally the offense. Hasselbeck has not only digressed as a passer in the physical sense, but also as a leader. He has no command of the offense mentally or physically and needs a fresh start where he can end his career with some dignity.

If Hasselbeck ribs/back/shoulder are injured, I wish he'd be upfront about it as he isn't doing the Seahawks, the fans, or himself any favors. If injury is why he can't break a pane of glass with his passes these days, he needs to say so. The season is lost so no one will be upset if he shuts it down. Injuries are part of the game. Yes, there is a macho 'play when hurt' expectation to prove your toughness in the NFL, but if injuries are preventing a player from performing at even a journeyman level then that player needs to sit. Otherwise, Hasselbeck is hurting the team and himself by continuing to play.

The Seahawks next GM needs to evaluate the Hasselbeck situation, maybe look into trading him for a 3rd or 4th round pick (the Vikings are reportedly interested). The next GM needs to also evaluate Jim Mora Jr as head coach because this Seahawks team has quit on him.

All you Jim Mora Jr fanboys need to realize something - Mora is an abysmal head coach. Sure, he may be a great guy, but as a coach he his a disaster. The Seahawks defense barely goes through the motions while on the field and looks disinterested and unprepared. That is a reflection on coaching. Mora has lost the team and he too needs to be shown the door...and he can take TJ Houshmanzadeh with him.

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  1. I wish I could disagree with you, but Matt was done before the start of last season. In the offseason I saw a story that said that since the superbowl, the QB Matt most closely resembles statistally is Jon Kitna. And this season I'm sure the Seahawks would have been better with Kitna.

    Since none of the QBs in the draft thrill me: I'm not sure Tebow is a good enough passer for the NFL, Bradford is surrounded by question marks after his injuries and minimal experience, and the thought of Jimmy Clausen in a Seahawks uniform makes me nauseaus - I've been wondering what it would take to trade for Matt Lynart and hope he's not a bust, or to somehow try to pry Kyle Orton (who I think is very underrated) away from Denver, or even pick up Derek Anderson from the Browns and turn him into a reclaimation project. I just don't know if I can stomach another year of Hassel/Wallace.

    As for Mora, I had hoped that he would be good for the occasional hilarious angry rants like his father (we couldn't do diddly poo), but alas, we haven't even been able to get that out of him. I'm going to make a prediction that Mora will lobby to bring in Michael Vick next year in a desperate attempt to save his job. You heard it here first. Unless you heard it somewhere else already.