Monday, November 16, 2009

Brock Lesnar In Bad Shape

I've gone on record as someone that despises Brock Lesnar...I hate his image, his attitude, and the retarded WWE antics he introduced to the UFC. Lesnar, in my opinion, was bad for the UFC and MMA in general because he was too readily identifiable as a WWE knuckleheaded goon and delegitimized MMA. I was looking forward to the day that someone would beat the living p*ss out of him in the octagon.

Sadly, that day may now never come. Lesnar is now laid up in a hospital and according to UFC president Dana White, 'in rough shape'. White has been light on details and heavy on worst-case scenario proclamations:

"He's in a hospital up in North Dakota somewhere right now," said White. "He went to Canada and some bad stuff happened to him, so we've got to figure it out.

"He doesn't want to talk about it publicly, but he's in bad shape. He's not well and he's not going to be getting well anytime soon."

White also commented to that Lesnar 'may never fight again'.

In the meantime, White has said an interim heavyweight championship fight may be needed as Lesnar will be unable to defend his belt anytime soon.

All of this comes at a fragile time for the UFC. Georges St. Pierre has a groin strain, Lyoto Machida is laying low, Rampage Jackson left the UFC for Hollywood (he's B.A. Baracus in the completely unneccessary 'A-Team' movie), Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddel are yesterday's news. White was counting on Lesnar's rising star (love or hate the prick, he could not be ignored) to propel the UFC into 2010 and beyond. All of that is up in the air right now. There are certainly some interesting heavyweights on the horizon, but Lesnar was poised to reign as champ for a long, long time.

Again, I can't stand Brock Lesnar, but this is not how I wanted to see him go out. Here's hoping he can make a full recovery and can get back into fighting shape.

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