Monday, November 2, 2009

The Kids Are Alright

Halloween was a little out of the ordinary this year. The past four Halloween's we dished out a metric ton of candy, running out of sweets early our first two around 8pm when there were still loads of kids making the rounds. I resorted to handing out juice boxes and Grandma's Cookies to get through the nighs as I really didn't want some kid egging the house or setting it ablaze because we had no treats to offset their tricks. This year? We had a 104 kids total and now have bags and bags of candy leftover as we bought enough to handle the usual onslaught of 350-400 kids we normally see. I'm not certain where all the kids were, but I'm kind of thinking that the older junior high and high school kids that pad the numbers had better things to underage drinking and dope smoking...or something.

Speaking of high school kids - year's past would normally mean a parade of high school girls dressed up like hookers in cheerleader/cat/bunny/pirate costumes. I'm happy to report that the hooker/slut factor in the few older kids was non-existent this year...and here's hoping that by the time my girls are in their teens and decide to trick or treat that dressing as nuns will be all the rage.

The high school boys were rude and stupid though. Nearly tossed one kid into the beauty bark for being a dull-eyed dolt that nearly trampled a group of much younger kids to get up our front steps. He got one measley Starburst...and almost complained until he saw the maniacal look of disdain on my face. Bastard.

Anyway - all in all, a very decent Halloween, even though it was underwhelming. Hope everyone had fun! Now onto Thanksgiving and the Christmas!

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