Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Midnight Oil

As Shelvis would say, this post has nothing to do with 'Beds are Burning', extremely tall honorary Aboriginees that double as front men for Aussie rock bands, or the Blue Sky Mining company.

I had the fine folks at Greg's Japanese Auto diagnose the oil leak in my 1994 Toyota Camry. The findings? The rear valve cover gasket(s) had to be replaced since they were 'shot'. I also needed new spark plugs because the plugs in the car were 'flat'. I, of course, agreed to have all of the above work done because I really don't know a whole lot about cars...I mean, the technician could have told me I needed the flux capacitor replaced, the warp core was breached and needed repaired, and the Dilithium crystals needed charged and I would have agreed because I fear looking stupid more than being ripped off...which is interesting because allowing oneself to be ripped off is rather goddamn stupid....

ANYWAY, the rear valve gasket or gaskets have been replaced and the Camshafter has new plugs. So far, the garage floor is oil drip free and the new plugs have dramatically improved performance. The cost for all of this was a tidy $602.00, and I gotta tell you that kind of hurt...especially when paying cash. However, that is a one time shot and not a recurring payment for the next 60 months. In this still very uncertain economy I really do not want any kind of debt acting as a millstone around my neck.

I do have to say that seeing a certain Facebook friend posting photos of his brand new Audi did stir the inner new car demon....but I'll just have to admire from afar...for now...

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  1. If the Blue Sky Mining Company won't come to my rescue, who's gonna save me?

    The Consumerist, that's who. Oddly enough, mere minutes after reading your post I accidentally stumbled upon a link to this article titled Warning Signs That Your Mechanic Is Scamming You One bit of advice not included is that if you don't have boobs, it's less likely that they are trying to scam you.