Thursday, July 23, 2009

Armadillo BBQ Blows

For the second year in a row, Armadillo BBQ and CAC Property Management completely hosed our building's summer bbq event. Which company sucks more putrid donkey ass is certainly debatable, but after some serious consideration I'm leaning towards Armadillo BBQ, a caterer that would probably be better run by apes.

Here's what happened - the individual responsible for serving the food, a woman that could have been either 35 or 50, it was impossible to tell, was monumentally idiotic. She either didn't know that CAC advertised that the bbq would last until 2pm to accomodate workers that have to take late lunches...or she thought the goddam chicken and corn bread were like the loaves and fishes that would feed a multitude. It could be both. She was insanely clueless and dressed like a meth addled hooker...just horrific. Either way, the server was literally piling food on plates, paying no mind to the time or the amount of inventory she had at her disposal. That meant the early birds not only got the worm...they got all the chicken, ribs, cornbread, and sides. The poor sons of bitches that have to take a late lunch, like 1/2 my team and department, got nothing. Well, I shouldn't say nothing...some got sad veggie burgers, but no buns....just veggie burgers with bbq sauce on them.

Now, I normally don't get all bent out of shape about this sort of thing, but this year is a little different. I know for a fact that there are quite a few individuals that I work with that are struggling financially, so going out for lunch really isn't in the budget. They were looking forward to this event as a break from the mundane leftovers or Lean Cuisines that are the lunch norm. Being that we do work in a contact center lunches are staggered, so imagine the disappointment when their co-workers with an earlier lunch got to enjoy bbq and they literally got nothing.

There are certainly more important things to bitch and moan about than a damn catered lunch gone wrong, but this is two years in a row where Armadillo BBQ completely mismanaged the assignment. Why CAC Property Management hired them again is beyond me. Reviews of their food from the select few that were able to partake were not kind....dry and overcooked ribs, mushy cornbread, and flavorless potato salad seemed to be the consensus take on lunch.

Another thing that bothers me about this situation was the attitude from the Armadillo employees working the smokers. They offered no apologies for running out of food...then again, neither did the air headed server...about the only thing she said was that the bbq sauce would change our lives. Yes, well. It's one thing to mismanage your business, but these asshats actually glared at a pregant co-worker of mine when she had the audacity to ask, 'That's it?' I should have stuffed them inside their still hot smokers.

If you have an upcoming event and need it catered, do not consider Armadillo BBQ Catering. Not only will they show up understocked, they will mismanage the food they bring ensuring some of your guests will get nothing...then they will toss attitude your way when you call them out for being incompetent.

Should you work at a building in the Bellevue, WA area managed by the CAC Group, contact them immediately and be sure they do not hire Armadillo BBQ to cater your events.

Idiocy and mismanagement should not be rewarded with business.

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