Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Someone Needs A New Listing Agent

The other day I took Katelyn out for a walk - we were without a sitter, due to some communication issues between The Better Half, our normal sitter, my mom, her mom, and the neighbors. Therefore, I had to burn some PTO and stay home with her.

As I mentioned in my old blog, which is 100% dead, parts of our neighborhood are a hot bed of foreclosure activity. Baby Katelyn and I only walked about 2 blocks into one of the hardest hit areas and ran across the following:

Someone needs a new listing agent because this one is still thinking it is 2006:

Seriously, asking 649k on foreclosure lane? Just about every other house for sale on that street has big fat 'Price Reduced' signs on them...and this joker thinks he can ask 649k. Either the seller or the agent is delusional. If it is the seller, then the agent did a crap job of communicating the reality of the market..so he's sub par. If the agent went along with this asking price, he's in worse shape than the sellers because as a 'pro' he should know that he is competing against not only short sales, but superior houses less than a mile away. The kind of scratch they are asking for on a home from a builder with some issues is way out of line with reality.

Here are some comps:

For 650k even you get this stucco monster....

How about some overrated golf course living in this 649k odd photo effects listing?

But a real crusher is this Steve Jensen home,a superior builder to Polygon Homes, coming in 20k less....

Here's why this seller/listing agent are way off base - same street, same builder, comparable square footage...but this one is 180k LESS than the listing in the photo I took. Compare them both - here's the house for 649k....and here's the one for 469k...do you see any compelling reasons as to why the 1st is 'worth' 180k more than the 2nd?

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