Friday, July 24, 2009

Just A Little (Less) Of That Human Touch

Anti-social types have even more reason to rejoice these days! The Bellevue, WA Jack In The Box has installed an ordering kiosk, meaning the only time you have to interact with another human being at this particular JITB is when you pick up your order.

I'm sure JITB is test marketing this kiosk to research queue efficiency and future staff reductions - if you can order and pay at a kiosk, there is no need to hire a front of the store crew. One person can assist those baffled by the complexity of the international JITB menu (egg rolls? tacos? burgers? Under one roof?!?!?!?), much like one employee is usually assigned to multiple self-checkout lanes at the grocery store. With minimum wage being raised I can imagine more and more fast food joints going this route.

Another benefit to JITB and the customer will be that communication will be improved between the two, mainly by it being non-existent. Fast food restaurants in this area, I would say, are mainly staffed by Hispanic workers, don't have a firm grasp of English....that can sometimes make ordering an adventure...

Whoa - look at the top of that kiosk....two free tacos!!! There really isn't anything better at 1am after some boozin' than Jack In The Box fact, I think I could eat my body weight in those things. Must find out how I can get two free tacos.........

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