Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harvest Time

Ugh - well, my apologies for the lack of posting, it has been busy around the house. The nice weather has me watering and mowing the grass about every 3 days....that organic lawn food works very, very well! My lawn is green, the kids feet aren't sprouting blisters, and the crabgrass is contained (but not eradicated, a second offensive will begin this fall).

I've also been growing tomatoes, some heirloom (Cherokee purples!) and some big ol' red ones. I'm curious to taste the purple tomatoes after they have ripened...anyone else out there ever try heirloom tomatoes? Earlier in the spring I let the girls pick out seeds they wanted to plant - Maddy picked cantalope, Jocelyn picked sunflowers...and for whatever reason, both sets of seeds failed to germinate....the cantalope I can understand as the PNW isn't exactly conducive to growing melons...but last year I grew quite a few sunflowers and am baffled as to why they didn't sprout again. The jalapenos and anaheim chilis are going gangbusters....

We are also recovering from our MT trip. I'll post some photos of what we were/are contending with when it comes to The Better Half's father. His house makes the Sanford & Son domicile look orderly and clean...and that was a damn junk yard.

More later!

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  1. We had a salad Kevin J made last night with brownish purple heirloom tomatos. Very tasty. I also have several plants going this year that I started from the seeds I took from a purple heirloom last year. You can do this with heirlooms but not the hybrids. Lance