Friday, July 24, 2009

Slapping On The Cuffs

I think I may have injured my right rotator cuff unloading luggage out of our car from the Montana trip. Ever since that event my right shoulder has been stiff and any kind of throwing or pushing motion causes some serious discomfort behind my right shoulder blade, up through the joint, and into my deltoid muscle. At rest the shoulder feels like something is either rubbing against my shoulder blade or pinched in there....

Aside from a collarbone break in junior high, I have no real experience with shoulder injuries. The interwebs have only been somewhat helpful since I can't always replicate the pain to test for a cuff, anyone out there that has gone through a rotator cuff injury???? Is surgery my only option if it turns out that I do, indeed, have a tear?

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  1. Several years ago I hurt my shoulder in an attempt at kayaking and sought the best self diagnosis that no money could buy. From what I could tell without consulting a doctor was that it was a rotator cuff. I don't know the severity of the injury but it eventually healed on it's own, although I went through varying degrees of pain for about a year before it finally got back to mostly normal.

    Anyway, from my own research, surgery is only necessary if it is a complete or severe tear. I think if you can lift your arm above your head without blinding pain then surgery probably won't be necessary. The important disclaimer that I have had NO medical training apart from searching the internet should be made clear though. I am, however, available to play doctor with any willing lovely ladies.