Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have absolutely no interest in seeing '2012'...it looks stupid and brainless and nothing is more annoying than watching actors 'react' to imagined action on a green screen. Just thought I'd share.

I am, however, still trying to figure out a way to go see 'Paranormal Activity' - it is showing down the road from me and I am working feverishly to set up a viewing for this Saturday, like a matinee...if The Better Half and I can work out a sitter for the girls, would anyone be interested in joining us?

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  1. save your money. I tried to watch Paranormal Activity for free and got ten minutes into it. Unwatchable. I instantly didn't care about these characters and quickly realized I was in for two hours of this BS. Check your email, watch it free. Don't support the corporate theaters or horrible filmmakers.