Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Of My Eye

When, and not if, my latest PC dies I am converting and stepping over to the Mac side. I've had it with Windows and all the compatiblilty issues and security failures that don't exactly inspire confidence.

The problem, besides price, is I don't know thing one about Macs...wouldn't know where to start, really. All I would need is a stable notebook to edit photos, video, store music and update this tatty ol' blog....but I don't want to underbuy and get stuck with something that won't suit my needs...nor do I want to, any suggestions would be much appreciated...

Now, I'm not looking to make this purchase until sometime next year...unless the PC dies before that...but even then I would have to wait as I am very, very credit adverse these days....meaning I'd have to save the cash and not dip into savings to replace the PC....but I do like to research and hear both sides of the story....


  1. What about the games? The games damn it! -mike

  2. Games? Who the heck is still making decent PC's a dying market share.....