Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Fellas, having a tough time dressing yourself in the morning...or running into difficulties maintaining a professional wardrobe? Well then, let me suggest Wardrobe Oxygen's list of essential items every male should have at their disposal! I actually kind of dig the Wardrobe Oxygen site, I stumbled across it while researching gifts for The Better Half's b-day. The list I linked to is from 2006, but I feel it is still relevant three years on....anyhoo, the site is mainly geared towards the ladies, and there is an update essentials list on the home page of Wardrobe Oxygen (fashion is much more fluid on the womens side of the house).

You'll have to get past the lunkheaded graphics that populate the page header, but once you do it will be well worth it. Yesterday I wrote about saving as much money as possible, what I left out is being prepared for the worst...because we are so far from being out of the woods financially that a systemic crash is still a real possibility. Greg Simmons has an excellent post and writes with a clarity this is criminally lacking from the so-called financial genius talking heads on MSNBC and CNN.

And always remember to pay yourself first!!!

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