Monday, October 19, 2009

Seahawks...Where's The Heart

Every NFL team experiences injuries to key starters during the season. What separates the good teams from the bad teams is how they respond to the injuries. I think yesterday's game against the Cardinals made it clear to all what kind of team the Seahawks are.

I don't think anyone on the Seahawks staff anticipated having to start a make-shift offensive line as shifty as the one Seattle started yesterday. However, at this point in Walter Jones' Hall of Fame career - a point where just putting on his socks should be considered career threatening - it is a bit disconcerting that Seattle has no real contingency plan to deal with Jones missing games. Equally exacerbating is that the Seattle coaching staff has not adjusted to the injuries on the O-line...but just as troubling, if not more so, is that the players filling in for their injured teammates are playing with no sense of urgency or enthusiasm.

Ask any coach at any level of football, and I guarantee that all of them will tell you that a less talented team can come close to leveling the playing field against a more talented team with two things: hitting and aggressiveness. The Denver Broncos were supposed to struggle this year, but they are undefeated due to scrappy play on offense and a hard-hitting relentless defense. The Broncos make things happen for them during the game while the Seahawks, at least yesterday, let Arizona dictate the game.

Nothing frustrates me more as a footbal fan than watching a team that has just given up, and the Hawks gave up yesterday. There was no fight or passion on either side of the ball.

Now, no team in the NFL can survive long term when their offensive line has been gutted by injuries...but that is no excuse for not competing or making adjustments to augment strengths and mitigate weaknesses. The Seattle coaching staff and players need to come to terms with the loss of Tatupu, but also the loss of Walter Jones because it just doesn't sound like his knees will allow him to play anymore...and should he suit up, I doubt he'll be able to play anywhere near the level he did 4 years ago.

One last I the only person sick and tired of watching Matt Hasselbeck scream and yell at everyone after sending a pass into the turf or 10 yards over a receiver's head? It's as if he never makes mistakes. Granted, he was getting hammered in the pocket, but show some professionalism out there! Hasselbeck is supposed to be the team leader, but how can he lead a team when he's running around and shrieking like a little girl with a spider in her hair after an incompletion?

Right now I'm saying the Hawks finish the year out at 6-10, but wouldn't be surprised if they go 5-11 after that putrid display yesterday. I've seen some bad Seahawks teams before, but yesterday was one of the rare times I have watched a Seahawks team give up. It's not something I want to get used to.

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