Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rough Week For Seattle

Wednesday was particularly harsh for the Seattle area. First came news that Boeing selected Charleston, SC as the site for the second 787 Dreamliner assembly line. This move will cost the state of Washington thousands of jobs, but to this blogger also sends a clear signal that Boeing is more than willing to pull up stakes for greener business pastures. To that I have to say, nice work IAW! You union hacks gambled with jobs and lost in a big way...but you'll still collect your dues, won't you?

Then came news that Walter Jones was placed on IR and is officially done for the year. Walter Jones will be a first ballot Hall of Famer, so it is sad to see his career wind down this way. While Jones stated during his press conference that he wants to play next year, I don't see that happening. Walter's game was leverage, foot work, balance, and strength - he combined all of those skills to become the best left tackle since Anthony Munoz (Jonathon Ogden was fantastic as well, but I give the nod to Jones for his superior footwork and speed). Chances are if Jones does somehow manage to play somewhere, it won't be for the Seahawks. He signed a 7 year contract 5 years ago, and most NFL contracts are backend heavy, so he'll be expensive. The 'Hawks will either have to cut him (which would be a rough PR move) or trade him (not much better PR wise), or hope that he would be willing to take a big pay cut. We'll see what happens.

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