Monday, October 12, 2009

Here Comes The Fall

Summer was over entirely too soon. As much as I love Christmas and the occassional snow storm, summer is still my favorite season. There is just more to do and see in the summer - the girls can play outside, ride their bikes, etc. Me? I enjoy sitting on the back porch with a cold drink, especially as the sun sets and a soft breeze blows in....if I'm lucky, I'll have at least 30 more summers to enjoy...

Planted about 60 tulip bulbs yesterday and have about 75 more to go. This is in addition to the tulips that are already in the ground, hibernating like the War Of The Worlds killbots, waiting for the perfect time to unleash their fury. Well, no...but you get the idea.

The tulips are more for the benefit of the girls than my own, they get a kick out of monitoring the tulips progess from bulb to sprout to bloom to sad droopy dead thing that has to be cut back. However, what they enjoy most is cutting the flowers to give to The Better Half and the grandmas....

Had to mow the lawn again, which was a bit of a surprise as I thought last weekend would be the last mow of the season. I'm not willing to call this mow the last of the year since all the fertilzers, performance enhancers for the grass, still seem to be working. With a long spell of rain in the forecast I am hoping that the mower is done for the year as mowing a wet overgrown lawn is about as much fun as planting tulip bulbs.

Upon release, The Blair Witch Project was probably my favorite 'scary' movie. I enjoyed the films premise and the way that we never really saw the antagonist on screen...the fear was generated in the viewers head. While the TBWP didn't hold up under the pressure of repeated viewings (which may explain why it didn't really enter into heavy rotation on cable) doesn't diminish the impact the 1st viewing had on many movie goers. Now we have 'Paranormal Activity' in select theaters, and reviews have been glowing by critics and viewers alike..and again, this is a 'found footage' horror movie in the Blair Witch style...and I really, really want to go see it.

Paramount Pictures has done a remarkable job creating buzz for 'Paranormal Activity', a movie that came close to being relegated to the direct-to-DVD dustbin. Instead, Paramount has trickled the film out to select markets and has allowed word of mouth to build the current buzz the movie enjoys for them. As more and more theaters get added the closer we get to Halloween, I expect 'PA' to climb up the box office receipt charts. It's feels odd to heap praise upon a movie studio for doing something right, but Paramount has handled this film perfectly.

I'll report back with a review should I get around to seeing it sometime started playing down the street from my office last week....

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