Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Say No To TO, Chicago!!!

The rumor mill is churning overtime today about Terrell Owens and a possible trade from the Bills to the Chicago Bears. While the trade makes sense if you are the Buffalo Bills since that is a team going nowhere and defining new ways of getting there in a hurry, I don't see what the Bears would gain.

Jay Cutler has a good thing going with the young WR corps on the current Bears roster. Making a trade for the petulant Terrell Owens would not only overturn that applecart, it would strip it clean for parts and leave it in flames. Cutler has enough pressure on him as it is due to his childish behavior on his way out of Denver, he has a lot to prove...and he doesn't need a selfish d-bag like Terrell Owens adding to that burden.

Listen up, Bears - don't make this trade, work with the young talent you have and let Cutler continue to develop rapport with his teammates...TO will only set your franchise back and for what, an extra win or two? He's not worth it...let him languish and rot in Buffalo.......


  1. I disagree. Great trade for Buffalo. Get rid of TO before he demands that 49 year old Jim Kelly comes out of retirement to throw him a catchable f**kin' pass. Bills are hopeless. Trent Edwards might be the worst QB I've seen since Mirer. so much depression so little time. TO wants to be on a winner and Chicago is in contention. Maybe Buffalo can salvage a draft pick or a(nother) mediocre OL for him.

  2. I'm not ready to give up on Trent Edwards quite yet...I think he can still be a good NFL QB. It is the Bills offense as a whole that is just dreadful, predictable, and unimaginative. I think I drew up better plays up in the dirt playing pick up sandlot games over by Cedar Heights back in the day.

    While I will agree that draft picks are the best way for a bad team to get better, I wrote this post from the perspective of the would be a horrible trade for them. They need to draft picks to fill upcoming holes in their defense and have a good thing going with Cutler and their young for Owens would be a disaster for Chicago.

  3. The Bears already gave up their first rounder for Cutler, are they planning on gutting their entire draft to pick up TO? The Bears are on going to implode sooner or later with the egomaniacal Cutler at the helm. They would have been better off sticking with Orton, and throwing TO into the mix would turn the team into a ticking time bomb. I say they should do it just for entertainment sake.

    I have to say I'm with Shelvis on Trent Edwards though. He's built a career out of Bill Walsh's approval. In the right situation he could have some success, but he'll never be better than a mediocre QB.