Monday, October 26, 2009

Pssst, You Wanna Buy A Toyota FJ?

As all four of my faithful readers know, The Better Half's father has taken ill. Seriously ill. We may need to liquidate some of his very many and cluttered belongings soon.

On of the more interesting items we may need to sell will be a vintage Toyota FJ Cruiser. I think it is a 1973, but getting info on it has been tough. The engine will turn over, but needs work, and the interior is shredded from hauling a moose carcass in it. Rust is setting in, and the hood is missing and all four tires are flat....

This vehicle will make a great restoration project for any single 4x4 enthusiast with time and resources to get the FJ back in shape. It will also make a great restoration project for any married 4x4 enthusiast that would like to be single...'cause some serious hours will need to go into this bad boy.

Here's a photo of the vehicle:

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